Official Trailer for GERM (Feature Film) Bryan Boutwell-Assistant Art Director/Actor/Special FX

Description: This is the Official Trailer for the feature film I worked on titled: Germ. Germ was a B-Horror movie that was filmed in Central New York. This was my first feature film in which I was hired as the assistant director of art. The Art Director (Michael Barletta) and I designed and applied both the Special FX and Make-UP for the movie. I was also given a roll in the film as an actor who played a killer zombie.  The movie was shot over a 28 day period, averaging around 16 hours a day. It was an intense project that required every ounce of my energy. It was an amazing experience! I look forward to the next Zombie Flick I am able to be part of. Thanks for watching!


MIMS "This Is Why I'm Hot " Parody Music Video

Description: I love the song by MIMS titled: This Is Why I’m Hot. I wanted to use that song to make my own music video parody to it. I decided to use my 2 -year old son as my muse for the video. Shannan would start to dance every time I put this song on so I chose it because it made him smile. At the time him and I lived alone together. He was my sidekick and literally went everywhere I went. He inspired much of my art since his arrival into this world, and still does to this day, as I know he always will.  It was a fun project to shoot and edit. I hope it makes you smile as it does us. 


Bryan Boutwell "The Fact Is In The Fiction" Levi Middle School Art Class-NY

Description: I have always enjoyed working with kids over the years, especially when it comes to doing art with them. In this video I hid my video camera in the After School Art Program that I taught at Levi Middle School in Syracuse, NY. I felt it necessary to give a lecture based on the importance of the imagination and how it relates to manifesting our goals and destiny. I also wanted to bring awareness to the complexity and misconceptions regarding the concept of Non-Fiction and Fiction.