News Channel 5 T.V. – Syracuse and CNY Area- Featured Art Interview with Bryan Matthew Boutwell based on the process of an abstract painter.

The New Times News Paper, Syracuse NY- Featured Article on Artist and Performer Bryan Matthew Boutwell, and the diversity and success around his Poetry Slam and Performance Art Venues in Syracuse NY. 

Jerk Magazine, Syracuse University’s Art Publication, Syracuse NY- Article based on Bryan Matthew Boutwell and the popularity and success behind his Slam Poetry Venues in Syracuse NY


Title: The Post Standard’s Exclusive Interview & Featured Artist of the Month (Bryan Matthew Boutwell)

Syracuse Post Standard Newspaper, Arts Annual Weekend Edition, Syracuse NY.

Article on Bryan Matthew Boutwell and the creation and success following his Poetry Slam & Performance Art Venues in Syracuse NY.


The Post Standard NewsPaper Exclusive Interview with Featured Artist of the Month (Bryan Matthew Boutwell)


Title: Tales From The Hood-The Pride Newspaper, Syracuse NY. 

Featured Article: Interview with Bryan Matthew Boutwell (regarding his rise through the NY Poetry Slam Scene & Community Activism)


The Pride Newspaper, Syracuse NY


Title:Bryan Matthew Boutwell’s Spoken Word Album Nomination-Syracuse Post Standard Newspaper, Syracuse NY.

Featured article based on the Syracuse Music/Grammy Award Nominees for Central NY.

Blisters From Untouched SIlverware-Runner Up-2nd place (Best Spoken Word/Poetry Album of the Year.

Blisters From Untouched Silverware-Nomination Best Spoken Word Album of the Year-Central NY Music Awards

Title: El Mundo Restaurant Interview with Bryan Boutwell-The LEO News Paper, Louisville KY.

Featured Article on El Mundo Restaurant. Bryan Matthew Boutwell: Marketing Director 

The article explored the unique and overwhelming success of this modern take on Mexican Food and the Underground Hip Hop Scene that filtered through the restaurant.


The Leo Newspaper-Louisville KY-Article on El Mundo Restaurant's Success


Title:Goldwell Hair Featuring Bryan Boutwell’s Fashion Photography-GOLDWELL Hair Magazine, Italian Quarterly Fashion Magazine, Summer Edition 2004.

Featured Fashion Photographer-Bryan Matthew Boutwell


Goldwell Hair Magazine-Featured Fashion Photographer Bryan Matthew Boutwell-Italian Summer Review