I listen to my feelings the way a kite listens to the wind, without choice, and yet with full regard to my whereabouts within each specific mood. While tumbling between positions of clarity and chaos, I search for those rhythms and patterns that resonate beneath the emotion. The outside world colliding against my inside world reminds me of where I was, where I am, and where I want to go. I’ve experienced a thousand destinies within my own fiction, remaining steadfast into my search for a deeper meaning, a more gentle understanding, and a connection, between the relationships I voluntarily or involuntarily enter into. This album spawned from both the ecstasy and the tragedies in which I’ve tasted throughout the years. A few tracks were created before I had gotten sober, while others after the fact.  All were made from the heart and without reservation. This album is a mixture of both the idealism that stems from youth, and the wisdom of experience that I’ve accrued over 20 years of making art and writing poetry.  I’m honored that you took the time to listen to my poetry and music. I’ve offered up my vulnerabilities, delusions of grandeur, and my truths, in the hopes of creating an audible experience that promotes intimacy.