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We Hurdle Stars, by Bryan Matthew Boutwell, Abstract Painting, Large Scale, Artist Blog, Live Fiction, poetry, insight and introspective writing, San Francisco Art Galleries, Oakland CA art scene

There is so much Love that slides past our focus on a daily basis. . The symmetry of our nature eludes us while we get caught in our webs of disappointment. We expect so much, as we should, but often in that hope there are invisible pot holes that blind side our momentum. We break ankles while trying to hurdle the stars. We shed vulnerability in order to grow back thicker skin, believing that this truly makes us stronger, more protected, more attractive and more independent people, when in reality this is the worst thing we could do.

Author: Bryan Matthew B...
Cross country move from N.Y. to San Francisco, Bryan Matthew Boutwell, Artist, Live fiction, blog, abstract painting, poetry, cross country trip,Oakland CA, San Francisco Art Galleries
I’m so excited that I can barely sit still. 2014 is going to be one of the most special and memorable years of my life. This year is my 20th anniversary of making art. I started in the basement of my parent’s home when I was 16 years old. Back then I didn’t even call it Art, or myself an artist.  I just knew I’d found an enormous sense of peace when breaking household items and then attaching them back together again in a different way.  I’d spend endless hours in the cold damp and moldy basement with a hammer in one hand and my inhaler in the other.