Art School Barbie

Art School Barbie is a miniature modeling photography, dark humor art, pop art, Barbie, Barbie Art, dark humor,  pop art using Barbie Dolls by artist Bryan Boutwell, San Francisco, CA

Title: Art School Barbie from the 'Barbie Chose The Road Less Traveled Series' by artist Bryan Boutwell

Gallery Quality Art Print- Available For Purchase -14in x 13in

Description: Barbie is a toy doll made for little girls to play with and to look up to. Barbie is associated with the USA idealistic vision of successful and beautiful model that little girls are supposed to look like and aspire towards emulating in our society. I wanted to trash this notion of perfection and flip it on its head by creating scenes with Barbie that show her grossly acting in bad ass and disturbing way. I played with the idea of Barbie and her sexuality in this particular scene. I built a modeling set in my studio that had a green screen feature so that I could place Barbie in environment I wanted to. I took the legs off of a Ken Doll and attached to a tube of paint to give it the personification I envisioned. It appears that the tube of paint has released his orgasm all over Barbie while they engaged in a sexual encounter. I attached Ken's arm to another tube of paint so that it could video tape the sex act. By adding a third party to the sexual scene it enhanced the idea of Barbie in regards to her as being open minded and free. Artists tend to be associated with this liberating sexual freedom and I wanted to personify that in this scene. Barbie is commonly known for down to earth Do-Gooder style, which I wanted to completely extinguish. I chose to cast her in a light that showed her more of an against the grain and out of the box thinker. Hope you enjoy!