backyards screaming sunshine,

left with what?

not quite sure,

all I know is that I could watch her run in and run out,

run in and run out, run in and run out,

don’t have a clue why I have faith in her tongue,

yet I seem to accept her smile as my religion,


I trust not a promise,

I understand tainted perception,

but God do I love her in those jeans,

her shadow has me swimming in the pentacles of her wishes,

while my hands are on her horns,

I’m trying to find strength in more than just over worked calf muscles,

don’t need her words for now, just her word,

a simple quaint brush stroke of desire mixed with dependability,

I’ve lived through moments that would bring heroes to their knees,

wanting the pleasure from escaping the angry train,

the one that misses no stops,

will you pick peaches with me?

will you wear a silly hat?

will you building Lego castles for the princess in your heart?

sing to me in brail so I may feel your mood,

braced under while the slumber party in my heart,

keeps spinning on this Ferris wheel of chance,

do I have the chance to be your blanket,

to be your soft iron instrument against painful cotton candy clouds?

will you hold the stirrups while I hop on your footprints?

take me where you’ve been and especially where you’re going,

for my trails of battered basil and raped Magenta still echo in my song,

I want a prelude to a kiss minus the prelude,

security through gestures that speak louder than hand grenades,

exploding into Lucky Charms for us to dance under


By: Bryan Matthew Boutwell /