Biting An Orange Creamsicle

Biting An Orange Creamsicle, Original Large Scale Functional Abstract Painting in Tryptic Style-Custom Built Frame that holds tea-liight candles-Bryan Matthew Boutwell, Oakland Artist, San Francisco Art Galleries, NYC Art Galleries, Live

Title: Biting Into An Orange Creamsicle 

Medium-Acrylic on Canvas In Custom Frame

Size: 6FT x 2FT

Availibility Status: SOLD

DESCRIPTION:  I created this painting because I wanted to convey the feeling and deliciousness that occurs after biting into an Orange Creamsicle! There is nothing like the taste of this frosty treat on a hot and heavy humid summer day.You can feel the colors swirling around as your entire head cools allowing a momentary rest to settle over the fatigue. I love painting feelings more than any other subject. Our senses are what give our memories weight and depth. This was one of my most favorite pieces of art to make. It came off quickly and with little pre-meditation. It’s honest and doesn’t try to be something that it isn’t.I dedicate this piece to all the taste buds in the world who haven’t had the pleasure of trying one of these fantastic and refreshing treats.