Broken Rainbows: by Bryan Boutwell (animated short)

Broken Rainbows was a collaboration art project by Artists Bryan Boutwell, Steven Yu, and Shannan Boutwell. Steven Yu created the illustrations, Bryan Boutwell wrote the lyrics, animated it, and produced the audio & video. Shannan Boutwell (Age 6) recited the vocals. This project was based off of the importance of following ones dreams at all costs. My inner child feels and sees the pain in many adults on a weekly basis. I recognize the sadness in their eyes. I wanted to write a piece as if I was speaking from the inner child who lives in me to all the inner children who live inside all of the adults I walk past. My beautiful 6 year old son Shannan Boutwell helped me tremendously with this vision. His voice gave my inner child the platform it needed in order to convey my message to the world. Steven Yu is an amazing illustrator who creates graphic novels among many other mediums of art. His unique style is what drew me to him. Im blessed to have had the opportunity to work with him and my son. I believe following our dreams is the most important thing we can do with our lives. Im honored you took the time to watch and wish you all the very best in all you attempt to do in life.-Bryan Matthew Boutwell