Bryan Matthew Boutwell’s Art Studio Space

Bryan Matthew Boutwell’s Art Studio Space, The Gear Factory Syracuse NY, Live, Art Studio SPace,

Bryan Matthew Boutwell’s Art Studio Space -2006-2007(The Gear Factory 3rd Floor-Syracuse NY)

DESCRIPTION: This was one of my favorite art studios. I called it home for a couple of years. I rented out the entire 3rd floor of this old gear factory in downtown Syracuse NY. There was about 20 artists renting space in the entire building. I was lucky enough to have had the entire 3rd floor to myself. I've had many great art studios over the years, however this one was by far the most exciting. I was able to truly be myself with no boundaries in this space. I was able to be as loud as I wanted to be, and could work in every kind of medium of art that I wanted to.  The artists who rented spaces in this building were amazing! The energy was beautiful throughout the entire place! We attracted more than 2,000 people every time we threw an art show in this space. It had 30foot ceilings and ancient warehouse elevators. It was raw, open, and perfect. I built swing sets from the ceiling and used a Range Rover grill as the seat, padded it with pillows and made it into a hammock. We made a putt-putt golf course in it, a racetrack for Big-Wheelz, stages for band rehearsals, and even theatre shows took place within its walls. It was an exciting and crazy time in my life that has given me plenty of material to write about.