Chained To The Ghetto

Chained To The Ghetto, Abstract Mixed Media abstract raised relief sculpture painting by Bryan Matthew Boutwell, trapped in the ghetto, Runnamuck Syracuse Ny,San Francisco Art Galleries, NYC Art Galleries, Live Fiction, Oakland Artists

Title: Chained To The Ghetto

Medium-Mixed Media Sculpture

Size: 2.5FT x 2.5FT

Availability Status-SOLD 

DESCRIPTION: This piece was inspired by the artists and musicians I performed with while living in Syracuse, NY. Syrause is a brutally challenging city to live in if you are an artist or musician. Though there are a ton of creative people in this part of N.Y. , there is not a lot of money. A city without money is the toughest city for any artist. If people can't afford to go to the movies, then people usually cannot purchase original artwork for their homes. Musicians don't make as much at their gigs as they could in other cities, so this in turn makes it hard for creative people to make a living. This piece was inpsired and dedicated to the artists who never stopped regardless of the obstacles and financial hardships that they faced while blazing new trails. The rap artist/ producer in this sculpture goes by the name Runnamuck. He produced a few tracks from my first spoken word poetry album. He used to spend about 70 hours a week making music, writing lyrics, and hustling boot leg mix tapes in the hood. His work ethic and love for the music was inspirational! Its the people like him that kept my head on straight and my heart held high.