The Chicken or The Egg?

The Chicken or The Egg?,Bryan Matthew Boutwell, large abstract painting, San Francisco Art Galleries,Oakland Artist, B.C. Lounge Syracuse NY,Live fiction

Title: The Chicken or The Egg 

Medium-Acrylic on Paper (4 Panel)

Size: 8FT x 4FT

Availability Status: SOLD 

DESCRIPTION: I created this painting because I wanted to convey the universal question regarding… The Chicken or The Egg? Which one came first? This question being as universal and simple one as it is, has promoted a philosophical debate since the beginning of time. I wanted to take this question’s foundation and put a small twist on it. What came first…The Art or The Idea? I suppose it boils down to each person’s individual definition of Art. Someone could say that if you look at a tree and see Art, then the tree came before the idea because it was there first. Others could say, that the person recognizing the tree as Art had the idea first, because their thought gave the meaning of Art to the object that they were gazing upon.

I painted this piece with bold and bright elemental shapes and forms. My aim was to show some sort of chronological order concerning the shapes movements. I left gaps of space in between the designs, as to also create a fragmented approach to this order. I wanted to take a specific philosophy and have fun with it in an aesthetic way. If you look closely you can see the chicken and the egg shaped pattern repeating itself throughout the piece.

(Can be viewed at the B.C. Lounge in Armory Square ((Downtown Syarcse NY)