The Cigarette After Sex

The Cigarette After Sex,Large scale original abstract painting by Bryan Matthew Boutwell, Live Fiction, San Francisco Art Galleries, NYC Art Galleries, Oakland Artists, Live,

Title: The Cigarette After Sex 

Medium-Oil on Canvas

Size: 5FT x 5FT

Availability Status: SOLD 

DESCRIPTION: I created this painting because I wanted to convey the burning relief that a cigarette provides after sex. There is something so gratifying about the pull off a cigarette moments after the body has calmed down after sex has concluded. It’s like a carnivorous dessert or reward for a job well done.The red in the painting is the representation of the burning feeling in the back of one’s throat after that first initial pull from the cigarette. I used glossy red oil enamel paint to represent the sweat and heat that comes from both the action of sex and of smoking.The smokey grey in the painting represents the action of exhaling. The blues in the painting represent that calmness that falls upon us while we are smoking that cigarette afterwards. I dedicate this painting to all of the people who love the combination of sex and smoking, and how they go together like peanut butter and jelly.