strangers spill the death of their dreams in dirty hallways

aluminum roller coasters collide into the tears of a mother

jet strangled wings around cockpit

streaking past unfocused thought

euphoric starvation carnivorous for the taste of sweat

jaw grinding rage snapped teeth marrow

latex mini skirts, disco, anal, Yahtzee!!!

tore through the apple then slapped Eve in the face

after the first one…

an ache so rattling you’ll sell your kid’s X-mas toys for another

slam it, snort it, smoke it, seek it, sneak it, secret,

a barbaric seduction that taunts the Viking within

bruised pores exhausted from keeping mouths open

potpourri fingernail polish, kerosene, and battery acid

replace days long past the light

afternoons duck behind blanket hung curtains

sprinting down into a hill with no bottom

ghosted skin stretched over plastic drums

the music has stopped and yet still I dance on


By: Bryan Matthew Boutwell /