The Cure

The Cure, Large scale original abstract painting by Bryan Matthew Boutwell,Live Fiction, San Francisco Art Galleries, NYC Art Galleries, Oakland Artists, we hurdle stars, Crayola crayon explosion

Title: The Cure 

Medium-Oil on Canvas

Size: 8FT x 4FT

Availability Status-SOLD 

Description: I’ve always been attracted to Crayons. They represent youth, creativity, and the imagination. Crayons are the tools we initially use to show our beginning forms of expression and creativity.  In this painting I wanted to combine that innocence through a color blast and combine it with the sorrow that I sometimes go through when feeling distant from my peace. In this painting I tried to show a sense of irony between the bold and optimistic colors and the lyrical message printed across the center of it.  I dedicate this painting to the people in this world battling against depression or other mood disorders that can get in the way of our personal goals.