Dexter Gordon

Dexter Gordon,original abstract painting by Bryan Matthew Boutwell,San Francisco Art Galleries, NYC Art Galleries,Oakland CA Artist, Live

Title: Dexter Gordon 

Medium-Oil on Canvas

Size-4FT x 3.5FT

Availability Status-SOLD 

Description: Jazz has always influenced my painting process. There is no other kind of music like it. It seems to live in the core of us. Its chaotic, raw, and holds no boundary. It reminds me of the freedom of our soul, and while painting too it I am taken out of myself. It acts as a drug which high gives off the feeling of personification. It grants the listener the opportunity to become one with all in their surrounding environment. The hairbrush on the fridge seems to grow a personality. The sweater draped over the couch seems to grow a voice. Jazz brings things to life. Gordon Dexter is one of my favorites along with Duke Ellington and Miles Davis. All 3 of these God’s help me start and finish paintings. I dedicated this painting to them and their art.