Flight of the Albatross

Flight of the Albatross,Digital Photography,Canon EOS T3i,Photoshop CS6,Northern California,Bryan Boutwell,Live Fiction,

Title: Flight of the Albatross (Digital Photography-Digital Manipulation-Canon EOS T3i-Photoshop CS6)

Description: I was adventuring down the coast in Northern California with a good friend. We pulled over in a small town to get some water and snacks and stumbled upon this boat behind the store. I was immediately drawn to the character of the scene. Its positioning against the shore told a thousand stories, and yet I couldn't help but to want to tell one more. I brought the photo into Photoshop and removed the original sky from the photo, substituting it with a different photo. The sky I added complimented the contrast of the boat. I wanted to convey a feeling of turmoil and depth. The weathered look of the boat against the new sky's backdrop reminded me of the short story I'd read titled "Flight of the Albatross" 

Location: Reyes Point-CA. (2014)

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