The Geometry of My Wednesday Mornings

The Geometry of My Wednesday Mornings


Circles of sprinting,

Squares of migraines,

Octagons of asthma,

Diamonds of Cubic Zirconia,

Ovals of roadside assistance,

Rectangles of boredom,

Triangles of burnt toast with cheap margarine,

Spheres of generic cigarettes with soft pack appeal,

Lines of writer’s block like a best friend’s cock block,

Obtuse angles of wrong decisions,

Acute angles of Suburban opinions presented to project dwellers,

Parallels of anti-depressants mixed with hydroponic seasoning,

Perimeters of freedom constricted by an audience,

Equinoxes of negative 4 to the 3rd power,

Radiuses of masturbating with sand paper love,

Circumferences of circumcised truth,

“And if you never knew what you never had,

then you never had everything”

Axis of non-filtered H2O like Brooklyn realness,

Variables of every second,

Diameters of blisters from untouched silverware,

Pentagons of communication,

Cylinders of tear drenched epidermis,

Asymmetrical like my poetry introduced to a heavy woman,

in open toed shoes,

Diagonally split between my heart and temptation,

It’s Wednesday again...

Caught in the middle of where I went and where I’m going


By: Bryan Matthew Boutwell /