High Octane Concerto

High Octane Concerto is a mixed media sculpture of a musical instrument by artist Bryan Boutwell at The McLoughlin Art Gallery, San Francisco CA

Title: High Octane Concerto

4FT x 18in x 8in-Mixed Media Raised Relief Sculpture

Availability Status: SOLD 

Description: I wanted to create a new type of musical instrument through found object sculpture. I used and took apart more than 25 different household appliances and household items and reassembled them into this "Engine Powered Looking Musical Instrument" I titled it: High Octane Concerto. I love music and enjoy producing it. I wanted to continue with my sculpture line of musical themed instruments made from household appliances. The last one I made was of a turn-table. This one is a dedication to the stringed instruments such as the violin, guitar, and cello.

I used an old Cuckoo Clock and gutted it for the base of the instrument. I then built up from there. I took apart old typerwriters, radios, speakers, Hot Wheels, lamps, toasters, sewing machines, and so on when making this.  Creating this kind of art through this kind of process is much like the feelings that a young child playing with Legos experiences. There is a beautiful sense of freedom and playfulness that takes place when sculpting with found objects.