Iconic San Fran

Iconic San Fran is an abstract painting by artist Bryan Boutwell themed after San Francisco

Title: Iconic San Fran 

8FT x 4FT Painting on Canvas-Oil & Acrylic

Commission- SOLD 

Description: I was hired to create an abstract painting on canvas that had the San Francisco theme. The client asked me to incorporate the Golden Gate Bridge and the color orange. Everything else in the painting was up to me in regards to expressing the feeling of San Francisco. I built 2 custom interlocking paintings. The paintings measured 4ft x 7.5ft. I painted the left canvas from the actual street map of the Russian Hill neighborhood in San Fran where the client lives. I painted the right canvas showing the Golden Gate Bridge and a portion of the Bay with a sailboat. The painting was a mixture of abstract and realism. I did my best to marry both styles so that they would flow into one another. I hope you enjoy!