Let Her Perform

Let Her Perform


while modest all day

she burns inside

bored with your ten minute break conversations

then unthanked

she’s carved into the pavement

by a foot that seems to hold some grudge over her



finally it’s her turn to be heard

she knows she’s the last before bed

her cherry glows with hope


if you put her out early,

then you show her no respect

why ask her to perform if your going to leave at intermission?

how rude to light up her head with your questions,

only to give her inadequate time to answer


she needs to be noticed

her clouds have danced unrecognized until now

it’s your turn to humor her

Jesus Christ applaud, smile, do a jig if necessary!


don’t you see, you’ve flirted with her all day

rubbing her against your lips, constantly making her wet

while having another one right after her

when finished with her, you bury her into a tray with 1000’s of others

please don’t tease her anymore

you started the foreplay

don’t cut her short this time around

remember you chose her

she didn’t choose you


By: Bryan Matthew Boutwell / LiveFiction.net