The Long Shot

The Long Shot (Photography-Photoshop C.S.6-Canon EOS T3i-Vernon Downs Race Track- Bryan Matthew Boutwell


Title: The Long Shot  (Photography-Photoshop C.S.6-Digital Art-Canon EOS T3i)  Location: Vernon Downs Race Track-Vernon N.Y.

DESCRIPTION: I initially captured this image while at the horse and buggy races at Vernon Down's horse racing track. I then brought the digital image into Photoshop where I began to black out everything except the horses, jockeys, and buggies. My aim was to emphasize the dramatic movement and speed that takes place during a race. I used a digital paintbrush to blur specific portions of the image, rendering an even more exaggerated feel of intensity.  I wanted to create a piece of art that teetered on the edge of both photorealism and surrealism. 

I wanted the viewer to know what was taking place in the photo, but to also be coaxed into a surrealistic experience. I loved the entire process while making this piece, from taking the initial photograph, to the last digital brush stroke in Photoshop. There is a classy old school mood that I believe resonates from this piece. My love for horse racing and abstract painting made this photo a joy to create.