The Mile High Club

The Mile High Club is painting by artist Bryan Boutwell at The McLoughlin Art Gallery, San Francisco.

Title: The Mile High Club

Medium-Oil and Acrylic Painting -4FT x 4FT

Currently Available For Purchase

Description: The title describes it all. This particular piece was based off of a fun memory I made while on an American Airlines Flight. I wanted this painting to show the abstract twists and turns, turbulence, and blast offs that took place while in this joyous act during flight. I chose the colors from the colors American Airlines uses in both their logo and on their planes.  Instead of making the sky blue and the clouds white, I decided to make it flesh toned to keep with the theme of the piece. In between the designs in the painting I created pockets of space that resembles that of land and water masses, the same way they appear while looking out the window of a plane while in flight. This painting is one of a bold nature, just like the act it takes to become a member of the Mile High Club. I needed this piece to speak to the visceral senses while viewing. It needed to share the same visual excitement that my memories held.