Miles Davis Kind Of Blue Painting

Miles Davis Kind Of Blue Painting by Artist Bryan Boutwell is a 6FT x 6FT abstract painting on canvas, McLoughlin Art Gallery San Francisco, Available For Purchase

Title: Miles Davis Kind of Blue Painting

6FT x 6FT painting on canvas - diptych- oil & acrylic

Currently Available For Purchase

Description: Miles Davis has saved my life countless times. His music carves caverns into my soul, allowing the light to seep in deeper and deeper with each listen. The notes like cursive perfection spill through the air, turning night into a playground for us to mingle upon. At moments his Jazz wipes the mental slate clean, and at times filling the heart with a calm chaos to intimate to walk away from. Silk chords that taste like the authentic personification of sex, sadness, and sentimentality. Without his genius I’d be less of a man.