The One's (3D Sculpture)

The One's, original sculpture and instillation by Bryan Matthew Boutwell,Live Fiction,San Francisco Art Galleries, NYC Art Galleries, Oakland Artists, ship on ocean with clouds and sky built from a deck of playing cards, 3D art, mixed media art,

Title: The Ones 

Medium-Mixed Media Sculpture

Size: 3FT x 3FT x 3FT

Availability Status-SOLD 

DESCRIPTION: My desire for creating this piece was based on the nostalgic moments that we all experience over the course of our lives.I wanted to convey the feeling of nostalgic introspection which can occur when our past romantic relationships come to mind in our present day voyages. We sail over great distances of time as we grow older, but even the smallest chapters of our lives can be re-read at any time, bringing our past directly in front of the path we are currently on. I dedicate this piece of Art to all of my concluded romantic relationships. Every one of these relationships has given my memories the flavor that makes up my life.