Panic Calmly

Panic Calmly 


waited for a long minute…

while you moved away from us

knew empty laughter would cause separation

forgot about the shadows of our silhouettes

lived in a dream of fault

awoke in outcomes of singularity

tired now

not much to look at

nothing worth achieving

rest in today

hang out in a memory

forgive as little as possible

deny the future hour

close the blinds

touch myself

it will soon pass says the inner used car salesman

dreams are heavier than a settled for livelihood

this is why most people relinquish them by the age of 10

we who carry them earn sore backs, Solitaire, and singular seduction

we glow from ideas that other can’t see

we grieve distantly while other’s mouths move

yet there is a pilot light that won’t seem to fade

a crack that won’t seem to fill

a choice that isn’t ours

a mapless terrain we hike across backwards and blindfolded

we might arrive, we may not

either way we continue walking barefoot

appreciating the ones we meet

who have also thrown away their shoes


By: Bryan Matthew Boutwell /