The Pen-A-Traitor

The Pen-A-Traitor,Bryan Matthew Boutwell,Sculpture,Steampunk Art,Oakland Artist, San Francisco Art Galleries, NYC Art Galleries

Title: The Pen-A-Traitor 

13in x 9in-Mixed Media Sculpture

Availability Status: SOLD 

DESCRIPTION: I created this sculpture because I wanted to create a humorous and imaginative tool (sculpture) which would combat the anguish of writer’s block. The creatively blocked writer simply picks up the Pen-A-Traitor when stuck in a writer’s block and allows the Pen-A-Traitor to think and write for them.The Pen-A-Traitor’s light bulb lights up after the Pen-A-Traitor has found its way through the writer's block, letting the writer know that it was ready to write what they couldn’t. This piece of art was a fun one to create. I smiled and even laughed out loud a few times while the concept was being executed. I love writing and know how frustrating it is when writer's block occurs. It was a pleasure creating a piece of art that could defeat it, even if only in our imaginations.