The Road Trip

The Road Trip, Original Abstract Tryptic Painting by artist Bryan Matthew Boutwell, Available For Purchase at McLoughlin Art Gallery, 49 Geary St., SanFrancisco CA, 3ftx1ft

Title: ‘The Road Trip’

3ft x1ft (3 Panel)

Medium-Acrylic & Ink on canvas

Currently Available For Purchase

Description: I created this piece of art because I wanted to convey the idea of traveling, landscape, and geography. I’ve always been attracted to the skill of cartography partly because of my love for the detail and design that goes into map mapping, and also because of the metaphoric meaning regarding the idea of travel in general. I combined an urban style calligraphy and a landscape background in order to achieve the aesthetic I was aiming for. I’ve led a very nomadic life and believe to some extent that I always will. Most of my travels have landed me in cities and urban areas, but I have also spent a good amount of time in the countryside and forest. I wanted this painting to reflect the best of both these worlds.