Signs Of Change

Signs Of Change, large scale abstract painting,Bryan Matthew Boutwell,acrylic,spray paint,oil marker,on canvass,sign language, hands, getting sober for our children, San Francisco Art Galleries,Oakland CA artists,original and modern abstract art

Title: Signs of Change 

12FT x 6FT

Medium-Diptych-oil and acrylic on canvas

Currently Available For Purchase

DESCRIPTION: I made this painting because I wanted to express what it felt like to get through Rehab while becoming a sober father.  I needed to share what my life felt and looked like while I was in the throws of my drug addiction, and what it felt like and looked like after I became a sober father. The silhouettes in the painting represent the before and after in my life. The naked woman represents the strippers, escorts, and the general seduction that the drug life offered. The silhouette of the father holding his son in the sunlight is what represents my life and love for being a sober dad. The hands are sign language spelling out: (The Invisible Priest In My… ) My son became my conscience while mine took some time to heal. His smile and his safety was a reminder that felt like some invisible and introspective priest helping me to stay sober. I'm not religious at all, but the symbolism of a priest is what most reminded me of the power that my son's love meant to me. I wanted the light from the sky to be emphasized so I painted the rest of the painting in greys, blacks and heavy reds. I wanted the contrast between both lifestyles to be apparent. I left all of my pain and my love in this painting. The closest I've ever come to having an understanding of God has been through the gentleness I feel for my little boy.