took a nap in your sirens,

believed you would protect the tofu in my sleep,


you crotched me using cumulous sized needles,

proving your marketing worked,

you sipped a Windex martini,

as to polish all my flaws for your audience to watch,

my lining snapped,

no 7th inning stretch,

no beverage given during this ridicule of vulnerability,

cargo punctured from unused empathy,

all balloons popped one by one,

left on the curb to be picked up by recycling,

kerosene kisses sealed the flame within,

and they haven’t invented meds for combustion yet,

couldn’t you have qualified me more?

chosen tougher bait?

you just left me dangling,

wouldn’t even finish off these scraps,

the most horrifying rejection,

is the one that doesn’t yell back,

the one that turns off like a bathroom faucet,

an effortlessly ordinary reaction after cleaning the slate,

as we skinny shieldless pawns,

land only where other hands put us


By: Bryan Matthew Boutwell /