Sox Off Sunday

sox Off Sunday is an abstract painting by Bryan Boutwell, painting about a relaxing Sunday, Art about relaxation, McLoughlin Gallery San Francisco,Original Painting Available For Sale

Title: Sox Off Sunday

4FT x 4FT- Diptych-oil and acrylic on canvas

Currently Available For Purchase

Description:  'Sox Off Sunday' is an abstract painting I created to represent the feeling of spending a relaxing Sunday morning in the garden. I envisioned the warm sun upon my back, the bright colors of the flowers and the movement of the wind. I concentrated on the airiness and color scheme while making this painting. I felt it important to incorporate the puzzle pieces in order to show the mystery related to the flowers prior their blossom. The purple represents the sun setting over the garden at the end of a long day spent in it. I wanted to create a piece that felt cheerful and yet cathartic. I also created this piece so that it could be hung multiple ways depending on the preference of the person and the wall space available. I personally like it the hung the horizontal way but as you can see I also included a photo of it hung the vertical way as well. Hope you enjoy!