Spinning Bass on 45's

Spinning Bass on 45's is a mixed media sculpture by artist Bryan Boutwell at the McLoughlin Art Gallery, San Francisco CA

Title: Spinning Bass on 45's

40in x 12in x 4in-Mixed Media Raised Relief Sculpture

Currently Available For Purchase

Description:   I created 'Spinning Bass on 45’s' out of my love for music, especially   regarding music made from DJ’s. This piece is a new musical instrument I invented that’s based on the combination of a bass guitar and a turn-table. My aim was to produce a piece of art that was sexy, slick, and that popped. I used different parts from household appliances, and arranging them in a way that made the art appear to be functional. I wanted this sculpture to feel like it could be picked up and used by some musician on stage. The challenge and the beauty is finding the balance between the imagination and the realism. Although I did want to make a sculpture that seemed to be functional, I didn’t want that realistic approach to take away from the magic that abstract art provides the viewer.