the ordinary amplified

consciousness screams through a megaphone

the volume of introspection cranked through the skull

magnified trivial conversation

attaching insecurity like a barnacle to every word that slips out

apprehension leans on every syllable decided to share


meandering opinions on miniscule situations disguised as,

the importance of The Gettysburg Address


sand dunes evolve in the mouth

a cherry Slurpee is God driving a dump truck filled angels

deep into sun burned taste buds


15inch sub woofers bang bass through the backseat

coaxing the choir’s rhythm from within to synchronize

high hats, symbols, and snares crash against,

the soul’s tuning fork

saddling infinite vibration

audibly surfing the ohms as the decimals roll back into self


a tender haze floods the peripheral

numbing momentary urgency

the 3rd eye’s antenna mimics a statue

equality between self and the stars becomes acceptable


the comedian inside

elects our sense of humor as it’s spokesman

extracting the silliness from human folly

promoting a playful indulgence with immaturity

the gravity in our imagination vanishes

ideas heavy as grand pianos levitate in effortless fashion

and for at least the next half hour

laughter surfaces without regret


By: Bryan Matthew Boutwell / LiveFiction.net