Whistle While You Work

Whistle While You Work, Bryan Matthew Boutwell,live fiction,large scale abstract painting, 10ftx4ft,Oakland Artist,San Francisco Art Galleries, NYC Art galleries,

Title: Whistle While You Work

10FT x 4FT Painting on Canvas-Oil & Acrylic  

Availability Status- SOLD 

DESCRIPTION: I created this piece in the hope of conveying the importance of loving the work or career that we do. I painted the whimsical feeling of space and freedom that comes along when we love our careers and find meaning in them. I tried to create the airiness between the lines and a movement of dancing like shapes that played off each other in a light hearted and fun way. I think it’s a tragedy when people are forced by circumstance or settle for employment, a career, or a job that they truly despise. We spend 40 or more hours a week, every week, throughout most of our lives working. If we don’t love our work then our soul suffers. I don’t believe that we spirits were placed in this world to live between the margins of the classified section of a newspaper.

I have had literally 69 different jobs before I finally made the decision to pursue my Art as my one and only career. Years ago, when I decided to make the leap, the peace and excitement in my life returned. Of course there are sacrifices we make in our lifestyles, but being happy and achieving a sense of meaning in this lifetime meant more to me than wealth. This painting is dedicated to all the people who go after their dreams and who don’t settle for a life they never envisioned for themselves in the first place.