Ephemeral - (Photography).35mm Pentax K-1000-Photoshop C.S.6-Digital Art-Bryan Matthew Boutwell-Syracuse NY

Title: Ephemeral  (Photography-Photoshop Digital Art-Canon EOS T3i) Location: The Gear Factory-Syracuse NY.

DESCRIPTION: I wanted to create a photo that conveyed the brief moments of peace that we experience in our day to-day lives. In this particular photo, I was working with a rap artist that went by the name of Jooks. I was producing an R&B song for him. He decided to take a smoke break and went out onto my fire escape to relax while having his cigarette. We had been recording for 4 hours straight. I snapped this picture of him as he relaxed. I loved how the contrast created from the dark painted windows truly gave way to the essence and importance of the sunshine’s relaxing properties. The inside of the building being dark represented the hard work taking place, where the out door light represents the reward of peace for a job well done.