Balloon Launch Art Give Away

Art Project Balloon Launch by Bryan Matthew Boutwell at

My Balloon Launch ART GIVE AWAY Project    (DESCRIPTION)  I decided to design an art project that would appease the hopeful side of my spirit. I’ve always been intrigued by the concept of randomness versus fait. The mystery involved with throwing our selves into the universe and seeing what comes back, and how it comes back, excites the little boy living inside of me. I have a significant obsession with the aesthetics of balloons as well as the mystery of the uncontrolled path in which they travel. No one knows where they’ll land once they do come down. We let them go and see them float away as they embark on a journey. 

So…I decided to rent a helium tank and inflate 150 (environmentally safe) balloons, and then attach 150 individual coupons I created.  Each coupon stating that if found was redeemable for 1 FREE piece of my Artwork. I wanted to design an art project that both looked beautiful and possessed the potential for making someone’s day. My desire was also to create the opportunity to possibly meet a new friend since strangers are just friends we haven’t met yet. I launched all of the balloons from the rooftop of my warehouse home in Oakland C.A.  Five days later I received a phone call from an enthusiastic man who had found a bunch of the balloons that had landed in a field next to his house. I was amazed and ecstatic when I found out that the balloons traveled more than 220 miles away. They landed on the outskirts of Yosemite National Park in Coarsegold C.A.

This past weekend my girlfriend and our 5 year old son made the 4 hour drive to meet with the man, his wife, and their beautiful friends and family to give them the Art that they had chosen from my website  It was one of the most memorable experiences of my life. They were beautiful people, filled with life and love. They shared the same excitement I did for the experience and were genuinely interested in my Art and the stories behind all of the pieces that they had chosen. Their appreciation for the unknown and for the opportunity to share a true intimate connection with my family and I surpassed my expectations.

Most prolific artists know that the countless hours and money that can go into an art project can still result in a disappointment when it comes to the actual execution or result of that art project, regardless of the effort and planning that had went into it. This is what made this project so special and gratifying. I was able to actually see it come full circle while out shining my common delusions of grandeur. These are the successful moments that restore the faith in what I do for a living. The new friendships I have made, and the way in which they were made, truly reminded me that the best Art is the kind that promotes the reward of a shared intimacy.