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OakStop Art Gallery-My One Man Show (May through June 2014)

OakStop Art Gallery-Oakland CA -Bryan Matthew Boutwell's One Man Show-May through June 2014

OakStop Art Gallery Presents "Burn The Ships" 

An Exhibit featuring 20 large scale paintings & sculptures by artist Bryan Matthew Boutwell 

Location: 1721 Broadway, Oakland CA


Rooz Cafe/Gallery One-Man Art Show-Oakland CA- April 2014

Rooz Cafe / Gallery located at 1918 Park Ave. Oakland CA. will be featuring the large scale abstract paitnings and sculptures of artist Bryan Matthew Boutwell. The show hangs for the month of April 2014. The reception / opening takes places Thursday April 17th between 6-9pm. The general public is welcomed and encouraged to show up for a meet and greet. I'm particualry proud of this show because of the aesthetics that Rooz Cafe/ Gallery has to offer.


The Intervention of an Inhaler

Funny Art instillation, humorous art instillation, using inhalers as a parody of an intervention, Bryan Matthew Boutwell, Live Fiction

Title: The Intervention of an Inhaler ( humorous art instillation by Bryan Matthew Boutwell ) Description: I saved all my used Asthma inhalers from over the years just incase I wanted to make a sculpture or instillation out of them one day. Well this day came. I wanted to create a humorous art instillation that conveyed a feeling of irony. My own life as a recovering addict also played a part in the inspiration for it.


Balloon Launch Art Give Away

Art Project Balloon Launch by Bryan Matthew Boutwell at

My Balloon Launch ART GIVE AWAY Project    (DESCRIPTION)  I decided to design an art project that would appease the hopeful side of my spirit. I’ve always been intrigued by the concept of randomness versus fait. The mystery involved with throwing our selves into the universe and seeing what comes back, and how it comes back, excites the little boy living inside of me. I have a significant obsession with the aesthetics of balloons as well as the mystery of the uncontrolled path in which they travel.


We Hurdle Stars

We Hurdle Stars, by Bryan Matthew Boutwell, Abstract Painting, Large Scale, Artist Blog, Live Fiction, poetry, insight and introspective writing, San Francisco Art Galleries, Oakland CA art scene

There is so much Love that slides past our focus on a daily basis. . The symmetry of our nature eludes us while we get caught in our webs of disappointment. We expect so much, as we should, but often in that hope there are invisible pot holes that blind side our momentum. We break ankles while trying to hurdle the stars. We shed vulnerability in order to grow back thicker skin, believing that this truly makes us stronger, more protected, more attractive and more independent people, when in reality this is the worst thing we could do.

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