Bryan Boutwell's Art Talk at McLoughlin Art Gallery, San Fran

Bryan Boutwell gives artist talk at McLoughlin Art Gallery, San Francisco CA, September 2014


Artist Talk with Featured Abstract Painter & Sculptor:

Bryan Matthew Boutwell

McLoughlin Art Gallery, San Francisco CA

“ Having the chance to explain the motivations, inspirations, challenges, and emotions that are part of my creative process fills me with a great sense of purpose and meaning. It validates my obsession to connect with others in an intimate and visceral way. We humans are all motivated by 2 major themes in life, either Love or Fear.  Although there are differences in our own individual perceptions, there is still one consistent truth, and this is that either Love or Fear is behind them.”

“I paint for 2 major reasons.  I’m either painting to relate an emotion, opinion, or experience that’s inspired me enough to convey the importance of it in order to connect with others, or I’m painting to create a mathematical conflict to work through as an exercise to improve my technique as an artist. I love to create a dramatic and boundless challenge with color so that I can solve it in an aesthetically pleasing way. I want to create movement and depth through a color pallet that evicts emotion without setting out on a specific destination. I need to be both surprised at moments during a painting and to fix what I have broken. This process reminds me of the chaos in life while allowing me to explore it with a control not normally granted without a paint brush in hand.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                          Bryan Matthew Boutwell