Spring 2016 Multiple One Man Shows in San Francisco & Oakland CA

Rooz Cafe Oakland CA Art Show by artist Bryan Boutwell featuring Facebook Painting

Its been an exciting 2016 spring season for me. I'm currently exhibiting 2 one man art shows at Rooz Cafe in Oakland CA, and at Nectar Wine Lounge in San Francisco CA. Both shows are hanging at the same time and exhibiting a combination of large scale paintings and sculpture. There are 18 pieces of art in total,  divided equally with 9 in each venue. One of my most favorite things about making art for a living is when I have the opportunity to curate a one man show in a venue. So having the opportunity to be showing 2 of them at the same time in 2 different cities is really rewarding. I spend 90% of my work week alone in my art studio while creating the pieces. I love being able to make my art without disruption or distraction, but once a new body of my work has been produced I then need to be able to share it with people. Although sales are obviously crucial in regards to paying bills and buying new art supplies, it still isn't the most satisfying part of making art. The intimate connections that take place is what continues to inspire me. I love when someone I've never met before reaches out to me to tell me how a piece of mine affected them. The art acts like a bridge because it helps our previously separated lives connect in an intimate way. Art is a tool and when effectively used can spread light into places where once only darkness dwelled. I am attracted to the broken but beautiful parts of life, hence the found objects that I find and sculpt with. One of my sculptures titled "Middle C" was created from an old rotting piano I'd found dumped down a side street in East Oakland. I saw a beauty in this abandoned instrument. I wanted to bring it back to life in a way that gave it a new and modern voice and look. When I take something damaged or thrown away and make it meaningful again I'm filled with a great sense of peace.