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Spring 2016 Multiple One Man Shows in San Francisco & Oakland CA

Rooz Cafe Oakland CA Art Show by artist Bryan Boutwell featuring Facebook Painting

Its been an exciting 2016 spring season for me. I'm currently exhibiting 2 one man art shows at Rooz Cafe in Oakland CA, and at Nectar Wine Lounge in San Francisco CA. Both shows are hanging at the same time and exhibiting a combination of large scale paintings and sculpture. There are 18 pieces of art in total,  divided equally with 9 in each venue. One of my most favorite things about making art for a living is when I have the opportunity to curate a one man show in a venue. So having the opportunity to be showing 2 of them at the same time in 2 different cities is really rewarding.


White Walls Gallery S.F. Opening Night Art Competition

White Walls Gallery San Francisco Features Bryan Boutwell at Art Competition

October 30th 2015 was Opening Night at White Walls Gallery, 886 Geary St. San Francisco CA; featuring the Bombay Sapphire Artisan Competition. 30 Pieces of art had been chosen from the Northern California region for this Semi-Finalist Round. The show stay packed from start to finish. Conversation between artists flowed as much as the bartenders pouring drinks. Patrons, photographers, writers, gallery owners, and cocktail waiters swarmed between the front room of the gallery and back.


White Walls Gallery Exhibits Winning Artwork from San Francisco Bombay Artisan Competition

White Walls Gallery San Francisco Exhibits Winning Art Work for Bombay Artisan Competition, pic of Household Music sculpture by artist Bryan Boutwell

White Walls Gallery in San Francisco exhibits the winning artwork from Bombay Artisan San Francisco Art Competition October 30th, 2015 between 6pm-8pm. Artists from the San Francisco region showcase their winning sculptures, paintings, and photography in this exciting art opening. This is also the night that 3 pieces from the show will be chosen to advance to the national finals taking place in Miami at Art Basel.


2015 Art Silicon Valley /San Francisco Fine Art Fair Official Video

2015 silicon valley san francisco fine art fair featuring Miles Davis Painting by artist Bryan Boutwell from The McLoughlin Art Gallery, San Francisco CA

Feeling honored and humbled to have had the amazing opportunity to show my paintings and sculptures at the 2015 Silicon Valley/San Francisco Fine Art Fair this year. The McLoughlin Art Gallery exhibited 2 of my paintngs and 2 of my sculptures. I spent a majority of the 4 day event walking around the event center looking at all the other art from around the world. Banksy, Mr. Brainwash, Basquiat, and many other iconic legends had pieces of theirs on display.


Chillin Production's Annual Fine Art Group Show at Mezzanine, San Fran

Chillin Production's Annual Fine Art Group Show at Mezzanine in San Francisco 2015

Wonderland Gallery and Chillin Productions are throwing its Annual Fine Art Group Show at The Mezzanine in San Francisco, CA on October 10th. This year there will be a fashion show, live music, video installations, and Tech Art on top of the usual 5,000 square feet of Fine Art! I'm looking forward to be showing my large scale painting titled: Validation From The Like Button. This was the most fun group show I was part of last year! Amazing turnout expected like every year, estimating over 2,000 people! I'd love to see you there! The flyer shows all info on show. 


Nectar Wine Lounge San Fran Features Art of Bryan Boutwell

Nectar Wine Lounge Shows Art of Bryan Boutwell Wednesday August 19, 2015

Nectar Wine Lounge located at 3330 Steiner St, San Francisco invites you to the Opening Night for artist Bryan Boutwell and his showcase 'Burn The Ships'. Wednesday August 19th between 6pm-8pm. This showcase feautures modern contemporary abstract paintings and mixed media sculpture. Come Join and celebrate with us! Amazing Wine, Original Art, Down to Earth Company!!! Hope to See You There! 


WormHole DJ Music Festival Features Artist Bryan Boutwell

Artist Bryan Boutwell paints live at WormHole DJ Music Festival S.F. Bay

Artist Bryan Boutwell (Featured Live Painter) July 1st 2015 at WormHole DJ Music Showcase. Wormhole takes place in San Francisco and Oakland CA. "It's an evening party fused with Music and Art. Dub Step, Trap, Hip Hop, and other genres of DJ Music spin throughout the evening while artists paint to the sounds that are created. The crowd is alive, the music pumping, the visuals both digital and organic, and the mood amped and amourously contagious. I love paintiing to music. My brush finds the map in the rhythm. The movement in the Bass creates the spacing between strokes.


Piano Keys Mixed Media Sculpture #1

Piano Keys Sculpture #1 by artist Bryan Boutwell at the McLoughlin Art Gallery, San Francisco CA

Piano Keys Mixed Media Sculpture #1 is an abstract piece of modern art by artist Bryan Matthew Boutwell. I'd wanted to take apart a piano for some time now, so I could use the parts to create a sculpture. I was blessed one morning when discovering that a stand up piano had been left outside on the curb directly in front of my warehouse live/work space. A wonderful homeless guy helped me drag it into the parkinglot, and I quickly grabbed my tools. It was a long day but an exciting one.



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