WormHole DJ Music Festival Features Artist Bryan Boutwell

Artist Bryan Boutwell paints live at WormHole DJ Music Festival S.F. Bay

Artist Bryan Boutwell (Featured Live Painter) July 1st 2015 at WormHole DJ Music Showcase. Wormhole takes place in San Francisco and Oakland CA. "It's an evening party fused with Music and Art. Dub Step, Trap, Hip Hop, and other genres of DJ Music spin throughout the evening while artists paint to the sounds that are created. The crowd is alive, the music pumping, the visuals both digital and organic, and the mood amped and amourously contagious. I love paintiing to music. My brush finds the map in the rhythm. The movement in the Bass creates the spacing between strokes. The atmosphere promotes action rather than delayed speculation. I learn to trust in the moment rather than in the image of the end result. My brush follows the tempo, my lines fast, and the designs whimsical. There is no time for premeditation. No time for doubt. Just carnivorous action. Bold, sharp, and decisive truth. To create and ask questions later. An evening without introspection, an evening free from self doubt, an evening of the Now. This is what Wormhole feels like to my brush." Bryan Boutwell