The Intervention of an Inhaler

Funny Art instillation, humorous art instillation, using inhalers as a parody of an intervention, Bryan Matthew Boutwell, Live Fiction

Title: The Intervention of an Inhaler ( humorous art instillation by Bryan Matthew Boutwell ) Description: I saved all my used Asthma inhalers from over the years just incase I wanted to make a sculpture or instillation out of them one day. Well this day came. I wanted to create a humorous art instillation that conveyed a feeling of irony. My own life as a recovering addict also played a part in the inspiration for it. There is such a dark cloud that hangs over addiction, and I needed to bring some light to the subject, if just for my own sanity. The inhaler walking through the door in the photo is not expecting to be surprised by his inhaler friends and family. They are waiting for him with their letters of concern because they want to get him to stop smoking cigarettes. I put small googly eyes on the inhaler friends and family and large googly eyes on the addict to show his expression of surprise. I made the Marlboro box in Photoshop and edited the photo in Photoshop. I created the instillation on Foam board and used wire for the legs and arms. I loved making this piece of art and smiled the entire time I made it. I hope you enjoy!


Bryan Matthew Boutwell