Piano Keys Mixed Media Sculpture #1

Piano Keys Sculpture #1 by artist Bryan Boutwell at the McLoughlin Art Gallery, San Francisco CA

Piano Keys Mixed Media Sculpture #1 is an abstract piece of modern art by artist Bryan Matthew Boutwell. I'd wanted to take apart a piano for some time now, so I could use the parts to create a sculpture. I was blessed one morning when discovering that a stand up piano had been left outside on the curb directly in front of my warehouse live/work space. A wonderful homeless guy helped me drag it into the parkinglot, and I quickly grabbed my tools. It was a long day but an exciting one. I saw a beautiful potential in its parts and knew something special was craving to be built. 

I was most interested in the piano keys and the length in which they were. I saw spokes and circles in my mind. I decided to use bearings in order to make the wheels move as does a wheel on a bike. I imagined a scupture that looked like a roulette table, turn table, and new musical instrument. I concentrated on keeping the piece minimal to a degree as to let the piece breathe, giving the shadows the keys made speak for themselves. I love creating mixed media sculptures using ordinary household appliances in order to create something new. Upcycling is what I've heard this process called in art. Hope you enjoy and thanks for checking out! 

If Interested in Purchasing please contact The McLoughlin Art Gallery located at 49 Geary ST. San Francisco, CA. http://www.mgart.com