The McLoughlin Art Gallery San Francisco

Piano Keys Mixed Media Sculpture #1

Piano Keys Sculpture #1 by artist Bryan Boutwell at the McLoughlin Art Gallery, San Francisco CA

Piano Keys Mixed Media Sculpture #1 is an abstract piece of modern art by artist Bryan Matthew Boutwell. I'd wanted to take apart a piano for some time now, so I could use the parts to create a sculpture. I was blessed one morning when discovering that a stand up piano had been left outside on the curb directly in front of my warehouse live/work space. A wonderful homeless guy helped me drag it into the parkinglot, and I quickly grabbed my tools. It was a long day but an exciting one.


Golden Gate Bridge Commission Painting by Bryan Boutwell

Golden Gate Bridge Painting by artist Bryan Boutwell, San Francisco, Russian Hill neighborhood,

Iconic San Fran is the title of this abstract painting of the Golden Gate Bridge created by artist Bryan Boutwell. I was commissioned to paint a large scale abstract of the Golden Gate Bridge for a client in the Russian Hill neighborhood in San Francisco. I built a diptych style painting that measured 8FT x 4FT. I first built the 2 custom stretchers and then stretched canvas over them as the medium. I wanted to create geometric shapes that interlocked like puzzle pieces, the way a bridge locks 2 separate pieces of land into one.

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