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2015 Art Silicon Valley /San Francisco Fine Art Fair Official Video

2015 silicon valley san francisco fine art fair featuring Miles Davis Painting by artist Bryan Boutwell from The McLoughlin Art Gallery, San Francisco CA

Feeling honored and humbled to have had the amazing opportunity to show my paintings and sculptures at the 2015 Silicon Valley/San Francisco Fine Art Fair this year. The McLoughlin Art Gallery exhibited 2 of my paintngs and 2 of my sculptures. I spent a majority of the 4 day event walking around the event center looking at all the other art from around the world. Banksy, Mr. Brainwash, Basquiat, and many other iconic legends had pieces of theirs on display.


Miles Davis Blue Jazz Painting by Artist Bryan Boutwell

Miles Davis Blue Jazz Painting by Artist Bryan Boutwell is a 6FT x 6FT abstract painting on canvas, McLoughlin Art Gallery San Francisco, Available For Purchase

Miles Davis Blue Jazz Painting by artist Bryan Boutwell.  I wanted to create a large scale 6FT x 6FT painting of my all time favorite Jazz musician 'Miles Davis'. I used a mixture of silhouette and abstract in order to show his image and the feeling that his Jazz creates in me while I listen to it. I used both oil and acrylic in the process of this painting to create a depth unachievable by the use of just one medium. This painting is currently available for purchase at The McLoughlin Art Gallery located at 49 Geary St.

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